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Week 1 - Great Week

The Internet has expressed reluctance in speaking directly upon the matter of Its rankings as It feels as if It is beyond reproach. Therefore, I have been subjected to the task.

Despite this feeling of irreproachability, The Internet has expressed difficulty in ranking teams after only one week of play. It has created a couple proprietary formulas to do it, but "it needs more data." Same with the Elo formula It shamelessly copied from The Internet (I just got a messaging stating that it was impossible to plagiarize from oneself. Someone never looked over their college's plagiarism policy. Maybe they never went to school at all). Yet (and I'm in agreement with The Internet on this), the games were way too good to not do something this week.

Yes, most of the Saturday games were pretty typical Saturday Week 1 affairs of meaningless football (including the joke of the Alabama vs Florida State game). But damn, all the games on Sunday and Monday were awesome. The Loser Leaves Town match between Jim Mora of UCLA and Kevin Sumlin of Texas A&M managed to feature something that the respective fanbases of their team completely hate, and featured an epic comeback/collapse. The Virgina Tech vs West Virginia game was just quality football the whole way. Tennessee vs Georgia Tech was a thrilling double overtime matchup that went down to a two point conversion attempt that failed by inches. What a week!

Anyway, The Internet has deemed that its rankings should show up below this article, so you should be able to see what it ultimately came up with for Week 1. It explained to me that It was hesitant to declare a number one until a number one emerged. This generally isn't how sorting things works, but, this feedback was not positively received. If you want to know why there was any distinction between teams at all, and what criteria was used to consider these teams ranked, don't ask me, I'm just a messenger.

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