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College Football Season 2017 Summary

After cow-towing to the masses, the Internet did a lot of self assertion at the end of the season.  For instance, the Internet was not contractually oblibated to vote a particular team #1, so it decided on a three way tie.  I can't disagree with that too much.    Alabama had the best Elo, so it deserves a #1 ranking.  But with Wisconsin and UCF also with very high Elos, and many of the rankings which feature anything subjective liking Wisconsin and UCF, it makes sense that the argument for them deserving a #1 ranking is strong to me.

Pre Championship

The Internet did calculate ranks before the finals, here they are:

Week 14 - It All Comes Down To This

Well, it all comes down to this.  The season isn't over yet, and this isn't the last summary of The Interent's college football power rankings, but this might be the most important one. Because true college football fans know, that while bowls are cool and very important, the ranking at the end of the regular season (for all intent's and purposes, although Army and Navy will play next week in a game that's technically considered part of the regular season) is what everyone remembers next season.  So I pressured the Internet to take some firm stands, and to not allow any ties.  The Internet

Week 13 - The Internet Does Not Respect Auburn or Mississippi State

The College Football Playoff Committee's official ratings and The Internet's rankings took a major divergence.

For me, I understand where The Internet is coming from a lot more than the CFPC.  Auburn is a two loss team.  Why are they in the top four with so many one loss team, and a couple undefeated teams standing?  I get the argument "well they beat Alabama."  Okay,  Then why is Alabama dropped to five then?  If Alabama is SO good that Auburn defeating them pushes them up to the top four, shouldn't Alabama still be one of the top four teams, with other one loss teams there? 

Week 12 - Internet is Having Problems Telling These Teams Apart

The teams on the Top 25 this week aren't that different from what the alleged professionalsare claiming, but The Internet is having trouble making some distinctions between some of these teams.  Here is what The Internet says:


Week 11 - Notre Who?

The Internet asked to express its utter confusion at Notre Dame being ranked at #8 in the CFP poll.  Notre Dame has never broke the top 10 in its poll, and certainly doesn't understand why it's top 10 still after suffereing its second loss.  I tried to explain the concept of marketability but It isn't buying it.

Week 10 - No Loss For Losing

The biggest thing I'm noticing with The Internet's ranking is that it really doesn't penalize losing enough. Or maybe the national ratings punish losing too much for this point in the season. But if you were wondering why South Carolina and Arizona are hanging around, they have been successful overall in their conference. The Internet insists that everyone insists that everyone thinks this is really important so that's what It's going with this season. It also rates UCF, San Diego State and Memphis's conference wins as less important than other team's.

Week 9 - Compared to the Pros

Well, the big national rankings are out.  The Interent's are different:


Week 8 - A Formula Change

You may notice some of the lower rankings are a lot more similar to most of the national ratings. One of the reasons is that The Internet changed its philosophy a little bit. Here is The Internet's explanation:


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