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Week 11

I waited and waited for the ranks to update on the College Football Playoff site and . . .they still haven't shown up there.  So, I finally googled it and they just didn't put them there. 

Week 10 - Collapse And Trim

Week 9 was crazy. Week 10 was less crazy, but the aftermath of the week 9 craziness caused the Interent's rankings to once again bunch up and to once again get kind of messy.

Week 9 - The Official Ain't Genuine

Well the official rankings are out.  And frankly I'm rather annoyed by them.  The Interent notes that the records aren't THAT different from Its rankings and that it doesn't even have a lot of confidence in anything below 7, but personally I think it's garbage.  Florida is bad.  Michigan is mediocre.  None of these teams are better than UCF.  What will it take for them to be properly respected?  I guess at least poll does a better job of respecting the Pac-12 than The Internet, who insists "numbers don't lie."  Whatever.

Here are the rankings for posterity. 

Things to Still Buy in Person

There are still things that are bad to buy on the internet. 

  • Hats
  • Deodorant (that you haven't tried before)
  • Candles
  • Cointainers
  • Pitchers (for beverages)

Okay, those are all the things I can think of that it's better to buy in person than online.

Week 8 - I Didn't Watch the Chaos

Well, I'd love to talk a ton about this week's ratings, but the only college football game I saw actually was Arizona against UCLA and I'd rather try to forget that one.  So I'll have to lean heavily on The Interent's rankings.  But geeze.  That's a lot of chaos.  The College Football Playoff rankings are going to be nuts, unless they're boring jerks.  And, well, they're usually boring jerks so I don't have a ton of hope for it all.

One thing, The Interent ended up penalizing what it calls "one rank point" for its loss to Troy.  Although funny enough, they still ended up ranked. 

Week 7 - Disappointment

Firstly, sorry for the delay.  I thought official playoff ranks were out this week and wanted to contrast the Interenet's, but they actually aren't out for two weeks.

There was quite a shakeup last week. Lots of teams that The Internet expected a lot of just didn't quite make it. This has caused teams to rebunch and the separation to fade. Notre Dame keeps its rank, because The Internet does not see margin of wins, but they are teetering. UCF also was lucky to only drop one spot.

Week 6 - Seperation

Finally this week, the Internet felt some seperation between teams.  There's still a lot of ties, but, the ties are over smaller spreads and The Internet comfortably feels there's a distinct spread of roughly 25 teams to rank.

Week 5 - Here's Some Variety

Well, The Internet finally decided to have more than 4-5 teams ranked without pulling its nails.  The Interent is complaining that there is sitll a lot of sameyness (Its' words) in the bottom 1/4 of the 25, but it was worth completing to get a more traditional list. 

I'll ignore the fact there are like 7 teams tied at 23.  The Interent really loves ties.  I don't know why.  At least I know what to get it for christmas.

Here is the list for posterity's sake:

Week 4 - Still Samey

There still isn't enough difference to really differentiate teams, according to The Internet.  It went ahead and ranked some teams #1 because it seemed like the thing to do, but it doesn't feel passionate about its rankings, at any level, according to The Internet.  Of course the Eye-test for me is still heavily favoring Alabama, but The Internet sees very little seperation.

Next week, with most teams having played at least two conference opponents, is when things should get interesting.  

For posterity:


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