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Week 11 - BYEs Prevail

A lot of college football was out this week, which caused a lot of the rankings to be pretty much they would've been last week had The Internet not decided to focus on Elo.  Back on its regular focus, though, and I think The Internet has put together something signifigantly more fair that what's going on in in the College Football main rankings.  There is no way that Alabama should be fourth.  They just haven't done enough to earn it this season.  It really reinforces the idea that the playoffs are just one big giant SEC wank.

Anyway, here are the ranks for posterity:

Playoff Ranks Released

So as you can probably tell, The Internet's ranks don't quite matchup with the newly released college football playoff rank score.  But it could've.  A tweak here, a tweak there, and they aren't that far off (although there isn't a formula that The Internet maintains that doesn't rank Clemson first).

Week 8: The Great DeRanking

The Internet was pretty crabby this weekend.   After several teams that It had highly ranked lost, The Internet threw a bit of a fit, and de-ranked ten teams!

It is a bit difficult progmatically to represent this on the poll's back end, so it might take a while to get updated.  Or, it might never get updated at all.  Here are the ranks though, for posterity:

Week 7 - Shuffle the Deck

The first thing you probably are noticing about Week 7 is that it's pretty much just a reshuffling of the teams from last week, despite some teams having some very prominent losses.   Which leads to some very strange ranks, such as Arizona still being ranked.  Those of you out there who know me know I'm an Arizona fan and probably think I'm fixing things to do this.  Wanting to avoid this, I asked The Internet to explain the phenomena:

Week 6 - More Delays

Last week was very busy, and The Internet actually took pity on me and let me skip the week.

I don't 100% understand why Florida has ended up #1, but they're there, and Clemson is hanging on at one since The Internet does not penalize for close calls capriciously, as allegedly professional polesters do. 

Week 4 - Delays and Apologies

I haven't abandoned you.

2018 Ladders

All right, after doing a lot of research on what the internet wanted, and thinking of a pracrtical way to do this (as since The Internet can't actually force teams to play each other, it had to come up with other ways to do this), the Internet ultimately decided on doing some playoff ladders.

Week 14 and 15 - Regular Season and Quasi-Post Season Complete

All right!  It's been a long journey, but we're finally here.  The college football season is complete.  The conference finals (for teams that have them) are also complete! 

Week 13 - Prelude to (Conference) Championships

Sorry about last week.  But ultimately it was for the best, as it gave a couple weeks for things at the top to settle. 

The Internet ranks Clemson and Notre Dame ahead of Alabama, but it's pretty close.  Basically the difference is quality of opponents is the determining factor.  Oh sure, the standard SEC Wank conventional wisdom tries to argue that Alabama's strength of schedule has been so much better, but while it's very close, the numbers do at this time favor other schools, and based off the arguments that their fans have been posting for years. 


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