Week 8 - A Formula Change

You may notice some of the lower rankings are a lot more similar to most of the national ratings. One of the reasons is that The Internet changed its philosophy a little bit. Here is The Internet's explanation:

Week 7 - Duke Won't Go Away

It was personally very sad to see Washington State lose this week. I had such high hopes for them. Alas.

Beyond that, their loss really threw The Internet's rankings into a jumble. Its explanation is, "the philosophy I have seen is that teams should not be punished for losing against conference opponents as heavily as non-conference opponents. Therefore conference losses are penalized less seriously." It's an interesting thought, but it does leave to weird things like Duke STILL being ranked. Although I guess their Elo is actually relatively healthy, so it's not THAT weird.

Week 6: Not THAT Weird

Sorry for not updating much the past two weeks.

Anyway, I delayed this week's update a few days, because I thought that because ESPN was having a college football ranking show, that the rank was out this week.  I thought it might be fun to compare it to those.  However, that ranking did not come out, ESPN just had a useless special.  The worldwide leader in White Supremacy ruins another day. 

Week 5

Rome was just lazy last week. I did it for him.

Week 4

Sorry, I was extremly busy last weekend, but the Internet did not sleep.  Here is the rankings for week 4:


Week 3: Bad Team Paradise

To me, a rattings system may not be perfect when Cal and Duke are near the top.  But maybe The Internet knows something I don't know.  After all, both those schools were predicted to be pretty awful, but so far look pretty decent.  Maybe The Internet has stumbled on to some sort of secret that the rest of us cannot understand.   

EDIT: Apparently San Diego State should be ranked "2.5. place."  I tried to explain to The Internet that this isn't how this works but It was not hearing it.  

Week 2 - WTF, Internet

So I'm sure you saw the rankings. Yeah.

Week 1 - Great Week

The Internet has expressed reluctance in speaking directly upon the matter of Its rankings as It feels as if It is beyond reproach. Therefore, I have been subjected to the task.

The Internet Will Be Ranking College Football Teams This Season

Tired of the AP, Coaches, ESPN and the playoff committee? The Internet is too. Soon, if not already, you you will be able to view the college football rankings here.

"Back To School Week" Advertisers

There is a distinct attempt to holidize "going back to school" and it's fucked up to make the moment when kids face their mortality as they realize that their summer is over a holiday.


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