Week 4 - Still Samey

There still isn't enough difference to really differentiate teams, according to The Internet.  It went ahead and ranked some teams #1 because it seemed like the thing to do, but it doesn't feel passionate about its rankings, at any level, according to The Internet.  Of course the Eye-test for me is still heavily favoring Alabama, but The Internet sees very little seperation.

Next week, with most teams having played at least two conference opponents, is when things should get interesting.  

For posterity:

Ohio State Buckeyes 1
Notre Dame Fightin' Irish 1
Alabama Crimson Tide 1
Clemson Tigers 4
Duke Bluedevils 4
Maryland Teripens 4
Penn State Nittnay Lions 4
Oklahoma Sooners 4
West Virgina Mountaineers 4
Stanford Cardinal 4
Georgia Bulldogs 4
Kentucky WildCats 4
LSU Tigers 4

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