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Week 2

The Internet has instructed me to inform you all that It is watching, It is listening to what's going on in college football this year.

The Internet has explained, though, that it really doesn't feel like multiple teams have really set themselves apart from the pack.  The only mention is Ohio State, which somewhat grinds my gears, but I have to report what The Internet instructs me to report (believe me, you don't want to make The Internet mad. Basically the justification for the ranking is that it's the only team that's beat two P5 teams. The Internet knows these teams that it beat are pretty weak examples of P5 teams, but The Internet thought it was important to not wait four or five weeks for real contenders to emerge.

The Internet will continue to watch, continue to listen.  And The Internet will continue to rank.  The Internet just wants a little more time.  I'll give it to them.

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