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Week 10 - Collapse And Trim

Week 9 was crazy. Week 10 was less crazy, but the aftermath of the week 9 craziness caused the Interent's rankings to once again bunch up and to once again get kind of messy.

The Interent is actually very confident about Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame.  It has them tied because it's fair based on the results of the rest of the ranking,b ut it would probably rate them 1-3 in that order if forced to by society.  Beyond that, things are uncertain.  And after 22, so uncertain that The Interent decided to do the unprecedented thing and chop rankings off at 22.  Usually once the Interent starts adding positive teams, it only ranks more as the season goes on, and I maintain up to a top 50 in the database.  But The Interent just didn't see the point of having ten twenty teams tied at 23rd place.

Well, I'm glad I didn't have to do the work of entering them.

Perhaps that is why I will give the official college football rankings a bit of slack.  Firstly, they resemble the Interenet's quite a bit.  The only major problems are that Florida is ranked so highly, and that UCF is ranked behind Kentucky (which is honestly god awful, UCF is a top 10 team easy), and that Florida is ranked 15, which is way too high.  Other than that, it's a pretty solid ranking from the official college ranks.  

Anyway, for posterity, here are this week's rankings: 

Alabama Crimson Tide    1
Clemson Tigers    1
Notre Dame Fightin' Irish    1
Georgia Bulldogs    4
Ohio State Buckeyes    4
Oklahoma Sooners    4
UCF Knights    4
Washington State Cougars    4
West Virginia Mountaineers    4
Fresno State    8
Michigan Wolverines    8
Kentucky Wildcats    11
LSU Tigers    11
Cincinnati Bearcats    13
Iowa State Cyclones    13
Washington Huskies    13
Syracuse Orangemen    17
Penn State Nittany Lions    18
Texas Longhorns    19
Virginia Cavaliers    19
Wisconsin Badgers    19
Purdue Boilermakers    22


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