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Week 13 & Week 14

Sorry Thaksgiving got me.

Anyway, The Interent tried an experiment this year.  As you probably know The Internet attempts to mirror the emphasis the playoff comitte puts on P5 wins, but attempts to do so in a more fair manner to G5 schools, who It feels are better than given credit for.  So, what The Internet has been planning to do this season, is to decrease the value of  P5 wins against schools that fell below 4 "direct rank points" (Its judge of quality wins; basically 1 point for a conference win, 1 point for a major out of conference win for p5 schools, while G5 schools only get .5 for conference wins) to .5, as if they were G5 conference wins.  Ultimately this policy this season caused wins against Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Maryland, NC State, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Northwestern to be devalued.

Furthermore, if a team fell below 6 rank points, the rank points were thrown out all together for it, because that is historically very difficult to do for P5 teams and doesn't happen every year.  Of course, it did happen this year, with Rutgers.  It almost happened with Northwestern but they got the win at the end of the season to keep them as being a value win.

Adjusting the ranks with this in mind has so far been a success in my opinion.  I personally think this has lead to more fairly rating the SEC.  Yes, the SEC clearly has two great teams.  But it has three terrible teams and this should be acknowledged.  The Internet doing this pleases me and has given me faith in Its ratings.    The Internet did decide to allow more ties than it normally would this late in the season because of this adjustment though.  The Internet points out that a lot of those ties are going to be broken this weekend.

Here are those ranks for posterity:

School Rank at end of Week 14
Clemson Tigers 1
Oklahoma Sooners 2
The Ohio State Buckeyes 2
LSU Tigers 3
Baylor Bears 5
Boise State Broncos 5
Georgia Bulldogs 5
Memphis Tigers 5
Utah Utes 5
Florida Gators 10
Oregon Ducks 10
Appalachian State Mountaineers 10
Alabama Crimson Tide 13
Penn State Nittany Lions 13
Wisconsin Badgers 13
Minnesota Golden Gophers 16
Notre Dame 17
USC Trojans 18
Virgina Cavaliers 19
Iowa Hawkeyes 20
Oklahoma State 21
Tenessee 22
SMU Mustangs 23
Auburn Tigers 24
Cincinatti Bearcats 25


This weekend is conference championships!  Exciting times!


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