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Week 3: Bad Team Paradise

To me, a rattings system may not be perfect when Cal and Duke are near the top.  But maybe The Internet knows something I don't know.  After all, both those schools were predicted to be pretty awful, but so far look pretty decent.  Maybe The Internet has stumbled on to some sort of secret that the rest of us cannot understand.   

EDIT: Apparently San Diego State should be ranked "2.5. place."  I tried to explain to The Internet that this isn't how this works but It was not hearing it.  

1. Clemson  
2. Washington State 
2.5 San Diego State
3. USC 
4. California 
4. Duke 
7. Alabama 
8. Georgia 
8. Maryland 
10. Michigan 
11. Virgina Tech  
11. Washington 
11. Mississippi 
11. Oklahoma 
15. Oregon  
16. TCU 
17. Penn State 
21. Minnesota 
21. Wake Forest 
24. South Carolina 
25. UCLA 

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