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Week 4 - Delays and Apologies

I haven't abandoned you.

Okay, I did abandon you at the end of last season.   And The Internet has demanded I apologize to you for that.  But everything went the way that the mainstream media predicted and I was in Japan.  Leaving the country for the first time in my life.  So I had a hard time finding the time to updating the standings.  The Internet has pointed out to me repeatedly that I had a twelve hour layover, and ended up spending an additional 13 hours in an airport due to mishaps so I could've done it then, but, you know, The Internet doesn't understand what it's like to have a physical body and to drag it long distances.  But It is correct, I do owe you an apologly.  I love doing this thing and love the readers who read it and make it possible so I'm sorry I let you down.

Anyway, the reason why I haven't updated as of yet this season, was that it took a bit longer for The Internet to really nail down some rankings this season.  Honestly The Internet has told me that it isn't even super confident about the se rankings, but that now that nearly all the P5 and G5 teams have had an attempt to face an impactful opponent, it was time to get started.  Here are these preliminary rankings, with The Internet demanding I implore to you that things may drastically change next week.

Clemson 1
Florida 2
Virgina 3
Wake Forest 3
Ohio State 3
Arizona State 3
California 3
Alabama 3
Auburn 3
Georgia 3
Iowa 12
Penn State 12
Wisconsin 12
USC 13
Missouri 14
Boise State 17
UAB 18
Utah 19
Boston College 20
Nebraska 21
West Virgina 22
TCU 23
Minnesota 24
Kansas State 25
Oklahoma 25

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