Week 9 - Compared to the Pros

Well, the big national rankings are out.  The Interent's are different:


Alabama Crimson Tide 1
Clemson Tigers 2
Miami Huricanes 3
Georgia Bulldogs 4
Wisconsin Badgers 5
Penn State Nittany Lions 6
TCU Horn Frogs 6
Washington Huskies 6
Ohio State Buckeyes 9
Oklahoma Sooners 10
Notre Dame Fighting Irish 11
Oklahoma State Cowboys 12
USC Trojans 12
Virgina Tech 14
Stanford Cardinal 15
South Florida Bulls 16
Washington State Cougars 17
UCF Knights 18
South Carolina Gamecocks 19
Arizona Wildcats 20
LSU Tigers 21
Iowa State Cyclones 22
Michigan Wolverines 23
NC State Wolfpack 24
Duke Bluedevils 25
San Diego State Aztecs 25
Auburn Tigers 25
Kentucky Wildcats 25

One key difference is that Notre Dame just is not a top 10 team no matter how The Internet trys to slice it.  All the metrics it uses place it below 11.  I think the disconnect is that the playoff committee is ranking teams for the purposes of playoffs, and it is true that if the playoffs get a chance to place Notre Dame in the playoffs, they're going to do it.  And I'll go as far to say that the eye test isn't completely against them.  There's no way to teach the Internet that a close loss isn't that big of a deal.  Well, maybe there is, but it's probably not going to come into play this season.

One note, based on the criteria used during the first 9 weeks, Memphis just wasn't evaluated in the Internet's holistic formula.  For what it's worth, via Elo, it has Memphis at 15 and they should be included next week.

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